Sweet & Tart Collection

fruity & sweet floral

Bright acidity with fruity, sweet floral undertones. This is one of our favourite beans to roast and at a light roast, the complex flavours of origin really shine.

 fruity floral & whiney

Sunny Brae Coffee's single origin espresso profile. Guatemala Asobagri. Slightly more fruity, very chocolaty, sweet cup. Creamy body. Floral and whiney tones.

 tropical & dried banana

Farmer Oscar Omar Alonzo has very positive and progressive take on producing excellent coffee. This honey processed lot has been perfectly cared for from seed to bag. This is a very sweet cup full of tropical flavours. Dried banana, amaretto notes. Little acidity, a medium creamy body and a very pleasant aftertaste.

black cherry

Sunny Brae Coffee's only true dark roast. Single-origin, SPP coffee.
"We bring this coffee to the darkest level we believe any coffee should be roasted. This coffee is quite toasty with a nice black cherry aroma, caramel or brown sugar notes. "