curated coffee.

Inspiring moments.

And giving back.

The Cheeky Bean is an online premium coffee house and boutique experience that gives back.

We’re about individuality and wellness.

We’re obsessed with coffee, joy, and contribution.

And we think your coffee experience should be easy and fun. So glad you are here. 


In the beginning

The Cheeks family loves coffee! The Cheeky Bean was initially started as a fun but important business project. The hope was that it would also provide an adventurous, and easy life transition for a family member. The Cheeks’ have the belief that giving back and lifelong learning are fundamental to keeping a youthful spirit and mindset.

Our story

Sherilyn, aka Mother Cheeks, had a lifetime career in counseling children, adults, and families. Knowing the value that mental health plays in health and happiness, she wanted to find a way to contribute using business as a platform.  The combined love of coffee and love of doing good became a focus. 


We are coffee with a cause

When the Cheeks family decided to make this happen in 2020, the idea was simple: Support individuality and wellness, help us all remember to find the small moments of joy in every day, and create an easy way to experience beautifully curated coffee, be adventurous and do good at the same time.  People seemed to like our idea, so we have kept growing our business ever since.

We are coffee with a cause.

We are on our mission

Using passion for coffee we create possibilities for more connection and joyful moments with every single cup.


Our vision

To be an inspirational coffee company that is leading the way by doing good and making significant contributions to mental health.


Using passion for coffee we create possibilities for more connection and joyful moments with every single cup.


Make your own subscription club

and find your joy

We're the hub that gets fresh coffee out to you on your schedule. Orders go in and fresh coffee is delivered to a local pick-up destination in your area. Shipping or special delivery options are also available to you. Delivered biweekly or monthly.  Revise your subscription or cancel at any time.  All you have to do is tell us your roast preference, and we do the rest!